Mailing Fulfilment Solutions

Whether you prefer your mailing in envelopes or enclosed in clear polywrap so the recipient can see your message at a glance, Communicate has invested in the technology to do that and provide you with fast, accurate high quality mailings.

Communicates services are designed to:

  • Save you time and money
  • Complete your mailings on time with the minimum of fuss
  • Minimise waste and the impact your mailing has on the environment.

Mailing Fulfilment Services include:

  • Envelope enclosing, with multiple inserts using 24/7 mailing machines equipped with double detect, miss detect and final pack detection technology for accurate results.
  • Polywrapping (also known as poly enclosing ) with multiple inserts using high speed technology equipped with double and miss detection technology for accurate mailing of magazines, newsletters, brochures, reports, newspapers etc.
  • Inkjet addressing directly onto envelopes – at high speed with no more fiddly address labels
  • Inkjet addresses directly onto mail pieces ready for posting as naked mailers or enclosing in envelopes or clear polywrap ready for posting.
  • Hand finishing of direct mail packs for bespoke mailers and specialist inserts.

Communicate provides Expert Advice on Postage options and discounts to save you money on your mailing project.

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST and let us manage your direct mail campaigns!